Tomboy Organic Skincare

We wanted to share our story:

“Hello Melissa, I wanted to be the first to share the great news. Tomboy has WON the National Best Brand Award. Congratulations on your big win!”

This was the message that I received just days after my 50th birthday! Well, life just doesn’t get any better than that! We’ve been looking for new ways to take our products to the next level, so when we were nominated for the American Choice Awards everyone was naturally excited and hopeful – but the amount of attention we’ve received for winning was a complete surprise. Our Best Brand award was the catalyst that fired off the following series of events:
Once American Choice Awards announced us as a Best Brand winner we immediately began receiving inquiries from editors and journalists from magazines, TV and newspapers. So far we’ve been featured in seven stories including GO Magazine’s Gift Guide. Healthy Living even invited me to write regular articles. Channel 8 News created a wonderful story about our company and products. Then I was selected to speak at the Governor’s annual “Entrepreneurial Leadership” event.
The publicity and interest from our Best Brand award has sent our orders through the roof and we’ve had to boost production to fill them all! Now we’re very eager for our customers to see the Best Brand logo on our products, too. Thank you to everyone at the American Choice Awards. You have changed the landscape for the future of our company. We couldn’t be happier or busier!

Melissa Stephens, President
Tomboy Organic Skincare Co.