Approximately 15 minutes is required to enter your brand and product highlights for the Consumer Ballots. You will receive a Welcome email from our Polling and Research Department with the voting itinerary and other helpful information. Your Crystal Innovator trophy will be delivered to the address you provide. The Category Winner will be privately notified once the votes have been tabulated and certified.



  • Crystal Innovator Display Trophy – An impressive showpiece to recognize your team.
  • Valuable Consumer Feedback – Information you provide is also used to create the detailed brand and category report.
  • Free to Enter


  • National Media: Winners appear on targeted-TV, morning shows, and in full-page print advertisements in conjunction with the Winners Announcements and Best Brand Shopping Lists.
  • The National Best Brand Seal: Winners may leverage the official Best Brand Seal on their websites, social media, event signage, packaging & labels, advertising, investor relations, distribution efforts, and across all communication channels.
  • Tagline: Winners may use “Voted American Choice Awards’ Best Brand”, “Voted National Best Brand”, “National Best Brand Winner” (and variations).
  • Available: Optional Best Brand Media Blitz Packages from $10,000 – $250,000+ are also available for Winners.