Entering & Winning

Welcome Nominees

Congratulations!  You’ve been nominated by the Jury of Editors, Category Experts and Primary Shoppers as an American Choice Awards national Best Brand Finalist. Categories are limited in size, and the awards are 100% consumer-voted. Large and small brands have an equal opportunity to win.


Winning Timeline

  1. Brand/product highlights are transferred onto Consumer Ballots
  2. Category Winner is notified once the votes are tabulated & certified
  3. Winners leverage the Best Brand Seal & national media campaign

Winners may leverage their Best Brand Seal for their websites, social media, event signage, packaging & labels, to expand distribution, and other activities. Winners are also featured in national media and may “time” their Winner Announcements to coincide with their own activities.


Win or lose, Finalists receive the coveted Crystal Innovator Award trophy and their Category Research Portfolio. Each report includes brand & category results, voter feedback, geographic/demographic insights and the most recent CPG trends. Brands Learn: Who and where are my customers? What do they like? What do they want? How can we increase market share and revenue?


Category-Specific Voting Criteria Yields:

  • Easy to Use, Actionable Takeaways
  • Interactive Charts, Data Sets and Visualizations
  • Satisfaction, Improvement & Unmet/Latent Demands
  • Results Segmented by Gender, Age, Geography, & Income
  • Bonus Report: Millennials and Gen Z “Network Effect” Analysis

  • Key Product Attributes & Category Pricing
  • Optimize Assortment, Pricing and Promos
  • Demographic Insights
  • Urban/Rural Breakdowns
  • Includes State and Zip Code Target Data

Free Registration is now open. Please complete the form provided by your Coordinator.


For a Registration Form contact a Coordinator at Info@AmericanChoiceAwards.com.

All information provided is private.