Winning Benefits

Best Brand Awards

  • The American Choice Awards are the largest 100% consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the highest name recognition of all consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the largest media footprint of all consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards are the only national TV awards and red carpet for products and innovation.


Ignite Your Brand

Winners of America’s largest consumer vote use the Best Brand Seal on their websites and advertising, on packaging & labels, social media, event signage, and across all communication channels. Winners are also featured on national TV and in Print in conjunction with the Winners Announcements and Best Brand Shopping Lists.

Connect with Consumers: Consumers are overwhelmed with options. To break through the clutter, successful products capture attention
and quickly instill trust. The Best Brand Seal stands out from the crowd and provides immediate positive feedback from fellow consumers. In the key moments, undecided shoppers become confident customers.


The Best Brand Seal is the ultimate word-of-mouth recommendation.


84% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations about products and services.

– Nielsen/BrightLocal


86% of respondents were “familiar” or “very familiar” with The American Choice Awards.

– InnoVotive Dynamics


In a comparison with online shoppers, adding only the Best Brand Seal increased sales by 37%.
– InnoVotive Dynamics


In a head-to-head packaging comparison, the Best Brand Seal outperformed “New” by 26%.

– InnoVotive Dynamics



100% Consumer-Voted

Winners and Nominees comprise selections from Crest, Purina, Honest, Burt’s Bees, and L’Oreal, as well as many leading smaller brands. The awards are 100% consumer-voted, and all participants have an equal chance to win. The Best Brand Seal enhances value, expands distribution, sparks publicity and increases sales.


National Media Campaign

Winners appear in Winners Announcements on Morning TV & Talk Shows, and in Best Brand Shopping Lists in major magazines. Media includes, editorials and press releases, satellite media tours, VNRs and retail promotions (Estimated 1Billion Impressions). Optional Media Blitz Packages are also available to Best Brand Winners. *Winners receive a dedicated Specialist to maximize their media and Best Brand Seal.


Leveraging the Best Brand Seal

Shoppers take an average of seven seconds to make a decision. The Best Brand Seal provides an instant consumer recommendation at retail and online.


  • Websites, Product Pages, Event Signage and Social Media
  • Print Ads, TV and Across All Communications
  • Packaging, Labels, Hang Tags and New SmartLabel™ Brand Page
  • Tagline: “Voted American Choice Awards National Best Brand”
  • Press Releases and Editorials
  • Friends, Fans, & Followers in Voter Social Network
  • Bridge for Retail & E-tail & Mobile
  • Coupon & Ads
  • In-store Promotions & Displays
  • Voter Emails & Profiles for Personalized Contact

  • Additional Distribution & National Accounts
  • Impact Points for Retail & E-tail Partners
  • Expand or Bring Back SKUs
  • Co-op Print & FSIs
  • Amazon Pantry & Dash Button Listings
  • Spokesperson Integration
  • Investor Relations
  • Team Recognition & Morale Building
  • And Many More
  • Winners receive a dedicated Specialist to maximize the Best Brand Seal.

Valuable Research

Brands use category intelligence to understand consumer needs, identify opportunities and increase their sales. The reports include voter feedback, demographic & geographic insights, IRI register scan data and expert category analysis. Learn: Who and where are my customers? What do they like? What do they want? How do we grow our market share and revenue?

Consumer Social Network

Category voters are continuously added to the Consumer Social Network throughout the year. Winners enjoy new Friends, Fans and Followers.


“The Oscars of Innovation”

Winners/Teams have the unique opportunity to accept their Golden Innovator statues on TV. Acceptance remarks may be made onstage, by video, or a scripted statement for the Presenter. Dubbed “The Oscars of Innovation”, the creative minds from the CLIO Awards, Cannes Lions and Golden Globes come together for a world-class event to celebrate excellence and innovation. Winners receive a compilation video of their category introduction, statue presentation, and acceptance remarks. VIP Tickets Package authorizes Winners to take part in the pre-show Red Carpet for photo ops and post-show meet & greet with celebrity Presenters and endorsers.


 Winning Timeline

  1. Categories & Nominees selected by Editors, consumer surveys and category experts
  2. Finalists’ Brand & product highlights are transferred onto the Consumer Ballots
  3. Category voting and research is in the field
  4. Best Brand Category Winners notified each month as the votes are tabulated
  5. Winners may immediately leverage the Best Brand Seal & ACAs media campaign
  6. Winners Announcements on TV / Best Brand Shopping Lists in magazines
  7. Ongoing Best Brand Media and Publicity

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