The American Choice Awards


  • The American Choice Awards are the largest 100% consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the highest name recognition of all consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards have the largest media footprint of all consumer-voted product awards.
  • The American Choice Awards are the only national TV awards and red carpet for products & innovation.


The Choice of American Consumers


Today’s busy consumers are overwhelmed with options, and more than ever recommendations and ratings are key factors in our decisions. Shoppers instantly recognize the choice of American consumers by the Best Brand Seal on their products and websites. The Best Brand Seal empowers consumers to make better choices, and gives winners the tools to grow their brands.


84% trust word-of-mouth recommendations about products & services (Nielsen/BrightLocal). The Best Brand Seal represents the ultimate recommendation.


Real World Impact

“When we were nominated for the American Choice Awards everyone was naturally excited and hopeful – but the amount of attention we’ve received for winning is simply amazing”


“The publicity and interest from our Best Brand award has sent our orders through the roof and we’ve had to boost production! Now we’re eager for consumers to see the Best Brand logo on our products”


“So far we’ve been featured in seven stories in magazines and newspapers. Healthy Living even invited me to write regular articles about skin care”


“Thank you to everyone at the American Choice Awards. You have changed the landscape for the future of our company. We couldn’t be happier or busier”


Why Do Nominees Register?

Recognition – Credibility – National Media

  • Use of the National Best Brand Award Logo
  • Winners Announced on TV and Magazines
  • Best Brand Crystal Innovator Display Trophy
  • 100% Consumer-Voted / Equal Chance to Win
  • No Fee to Register


National Best Brand Seal: Winners leverage their Best Brand logos on their websites, advertising, event signage, packaging, to expand distribution, investor relations, social media, and across all communication channels. The Best Brand logo represents the word-of-mouth recommendation of fellow consumers across America.


National Media Campaign: Each winning brand receives dedicated national exposures in consumer publications, commercials, morning TV, and talk shows. Optional Media Blitz Packages are also available to Best Brand Winners.


Best Brand Award Trophies: The handsome display trophies recognize Finalists, Winners and their teams.


Voters Social Network: Winners are featured continuously in the growing Consumer Social Network for new Friends, Fans and Followers.


Valuable Voter Research: Win or lose, participants receive their Category Research Portfolio to understand consumer needs, identify opportunities, and increase sales. The reports include voter feedback, demographic & geographic insights, IRI register scan data and expert category analysis. Learn: Who and where are my customers? What do they like? What do they want? How do we grow our market share and revenue?

The Best Brand Seal Works 24/7


At retail, e-tail or researching products online, the Best Brand Seal stands out.

  • Website, Product Pages, Social Media and Event Signage
  • Integrated Campaigns, Print Ads, TV, and Web
  • Packaging, Labels & New SmartLabel™ Brand Page
  • Tagline: “Voted American Choice Awards’ National Best Brand”
  • Press Releases & Editorial Coverage
  • Bridge for Retail, E-tail & Mobile
  • Coupons & Ads
  • In-store Campaigns & Displays

* Winners receive a dedicated Specialist to maximize the Best Brand Seal.

  • Additional Distribution & National Accounts
  • Impact Points for Retail Partners & E-tail
  • Expand or Bring Back SKUs
  • Co-op Print & FSIs
  • Amazon Pantry, Dash Button Listings, etc.
  • Retail & E-Tail Bridge
  • Investor Relations
  • Spokesperson Integration
  • Team Recognition & Morale Building

Winning Timeline

  • Categories & Nominees selected by Editors, consumer surveys and category experts
  • Brand & product highlights are transferred onto the Consumer Ballots
  • Category voting and research is in the field
  • Best Brand Category Winners notified each month as the votes are tabulated
  • Winners may immediately leverage the Best Brand Seal & ACAs media campaign
  • Winner Announcements on TV / Best Brand Shopping Lists in magazines
  • Ongoing Best Brand Media and Publicity

Registration Now Open

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Free Registration is now open. Please complete the form provided by your Coordinator.


For a Registration Form please contact a Coordinator at Info@AmericanChoiceAwards.com.


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